Dementia - Innovative care for persons with dementia


Dementia - Innovative care for persons with dementia


Dementia - Innovative care for persons with dementia

Partners Innovate Dementia

Brainport Development N.V. (lead partner)

Brainport Development N.V. (BD)
Emmasingel 11
NL 5611 LZ Eindhoven
the Netherlands
contact person:  Mr Anne Landstra
telephone:   +31 40 7512424
e-mail:   a.landstra[@]

Brainport Development N.V. is the regional development agency for the Eindhoven region known as  the hot spot within the South East Netherlands Top Technology region. It promotes the creation of supportive structures in the domains of labour market, technology, business development and innovation. Brainport Development has a vast experience in developing market driven platforms and structures that help knowledge and research institutes and companies gain innovative edge and competitive strengths. Brainport Development will bring into the project its experiences gained in business development, matching supply and demand and establishing and strengthening networks and growth clusters. Brainport Development established the Brainport Health Innovation Program, a very relevant platform where national and international parties (health care, government, knowledge, research institutions and industry) share knowledge and cluster initiatives in the field of healthcare and technology.

City of Eindhoven

Gemeente Eindhoven – City of Eindhoven (CoE)
P.O. Box 90150
NL 5600 RB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
contact person:  Ms Janine Cosijn
telephone:   +31 40 2382782
e-mail:   j.cosijn[@]

Sub-partner:  Province of Noord Brabant

The City of Eindhoven counts more than 200.00 inhabitants and is located in the province of North Brabant in the south of the Netherlands. The CoE since 2009 in a regional support network on dementia and promotes the collaboration between relevant municipal departments and various health and welfare institutions. CoE aims to develop methods and techniques to promote the demand question of citizens, family and volunteer care providers as well as the sufferers from dementia when developing concrete products and services on dementia. The city as local authority can play an initiating, enabling, facilitating and control role with regard to dementia issues and has a specific regional task within the Eindhoven-region. The CoE will work in a close collaboration with Province of Noord-Brabant (sub-partner), taking a major role in bridging the business case with policy actions.

Eindhoven University of Technology

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (TU/e) – Eindhoven University of Technology
Den Dolech 2
NL 5612 AZ Eindhoven
The Netherlands
contact person: prof. Elke den Ouden
telephone:   +31 (0) 40
e-mail:   e.d.ouden[@]

TU/e is located in the Brabant region of the Netherlands and has a strong reputation in both national and international community. TU/e is especially strong in the valorisation of knowledge to the society and is involved in various high-tech firms, e.g. Philips, Océ, and ASML providing a stage for many new ventures and enterprises. The TU/e participates in the Intelligent Lighting Institute, having the objective to develop lighting systems that will optimally benefit the physical and mental well-being of people and human behaviour in general, with minimal environmental impact. One of the major challenges investigated in this theme is dementia. TU/e is a member of the Intelligent Lighting Institute Association (ILIA). TU/e brings in its knowledge on intelligent lighting systems and wants to develop knowledge on how lighting systems which can improve the physical and mental well being of persons with dementia and their (informal) care providers and knowledge on how dementia lighting innovations can create sustainable business.

Alexian Research Center Krefeld

Alexianer Forschungszentrum Krefeld – Alexian Research Center Krefeld (ARCK)
Diessemer Bruch 81
D 47805 Krefeld
contact person:  Mr Ralf Ihl
telephone:   +49 2151 3347904
e-mail:   ralf.ihl[@]

Alexian Research Center Krefeld (ARCK) is a scientific institution of the Alexian Krefeld GmbH that developed a constant consulting system to support caregivers of people with dementia. It has developed a regional support network on dementia and promotes the collaboration between relevant municipal departments and various health and welfare institutions. ARCK offers a model of a constant consulting person for everyone suffering from dementia and their care providers. This model includes the network of practitioners and closes as a Living Lab the gap between the medical and social caring system including the involvement of young volunteers. ARCK was involved in the development of the Fourth Report on Ageing of the German government, the ethics guideline of the World Psychiatric Association and the dementia guideline of the World Association of Societies of Biological Psychiatry. This will allow for improving the work and exchange of experiences in the field of dementia. City of Krefeld is the most active observer of ARCK in this project. Policy influencing capacity is available in the regional, national and international levels through the city.

Mental Health Care Eindhoven

Geestelijke Gezondheidszorg Eindhoven (GGzE) – Mental Health Care Eindhoven
Boschdijk 771
NL 5626 AB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
contact person:  Ms Inge Bongers
telephone: +31 (0)40 - 296 78 00
e-mail: IMB.Bongers[@] 

The mission of GGzE is to provide specialised mental health care to the population of the region of Eindhoven en de Kempen and  integrated cure and care solutions, ensure continuity (after treatment follow-up) and quality (using up-to-date, efficient and safe technologies and procedures) for dementia patients. GGzE will bring into Innovate Dementia the expertise of its geriatric psychiatry department and staff training as well as the network created with partners in the Dementia
The desire to learn more about products and services that support independent living en especially in the case of GGzE, validation of technologies that will support prevention and treatment and of behavioural problems associated with dementia.
GGzE influences regional policy making by  participating in the regional Eindhoven dementia care network project which aims to collaborate and share information through the care chain on detection, diagnosis and monitoring the disease progress facilitating that clients can live independently as long as possible.

Liverpool John Moores University

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU)
Kingsway House Hatton Garden
UK L3 2AJ Liverpool
United Kingdom
contact person:  Ms Lisa Woods
telephone:   +44 0151 4712423
e-mail:   l.woods[@]

Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) is the 10th largest UK university with 24.000 students. It is internationally recognized and is the only university in Europe to win a business excellence award. LJMU has developed a number of innovative dementia training packages for clinicians and practitioners and continues to develop bespoke dementia programmes. LJMU is willing to establish a structure and mechanism to enable the facilitation and realisation of innovation in order to support the assessment, treatment and management of people living with dementia. LJMU has strong partnership with health and social care providers (especially Mersey Care), service user and career advocacy groups, independent organizations, and the third sector, as such it has a substantial influence on regional policy making. Alzheimer Society campaign for the rights of people with dementia and those who care for them through a combination of detailed policy analysis, lobbying, influencing and direct action.

Mersey Care NHS Trust

Mersey Care NHS Trust (MCT)
Trust Offices
UK L31 1HW Liverpool
United Kingdom
contact person: Ms. Jill Pendleton
telephone: 0151 471 2678
email: jill.pendleton[@] 
Mersey Care NHS Trust (MCT) provides high quality evidence based health care to the people of the Greater Merseyside region. MCT makes contact with over 284.000 people either as service users or carers. MCT is acclaimed for initiatives such as: Memory Clinics, specialist dementia clinicians, practitioners, wards and services, Day Hospitals for Older People, Young Person Dementia Service, and respite provision. MCT is looking to establish a structure and mechanism to enable the facilitation and realisation of innovation. MCT has a strong policy influencing capacity as it has a very strong partnership with regional Primary Care Trusts and is working with service user and carer advocacy groups. 

Within the Innovate Dementia project, the Princess Royal Trust will provide policy direction and intellectual capacity, together with the access provision of a large group of carers both nationally and regionally.

University College Thomas More

Thomas More Hogeschool - University College Thomas More
Kleinhoefstraat 4
2440 Geel

contact person: Lieven De Maesschalck
telephone: +32 14802296

e-mail: Lieven.demaesschalck[@]

Thomas More is the largest university college in Flanders, offering over 50bachelor and master degree programmes in the province of Antwerp. Thomas More was created by joining the strengths of Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen, Lessius Antwerp and Lessius Mechelen. The University College wants to play an important strategic and international role in Flanders. he Academic Bachelors and Masters are KU Leuven@Thomas More as of July 2013. This means that their courses are KULeuven courses, organized on the campuses of the new Thomas More University College. They work together closely with related professional bachelors. As a result, Thomas More is a fully fledged knowledge centre and engine for regional innovation. The name “More” also refers to more course programmes, more regional spread, more cooperation agreements, more horizons. More than 17,000 students & 1,800 staff members and regional spread with campuses in: Antwerp, Geel, Lier, Mechelen, Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Turnhout & Vorselaar.

Expertise Center Dementia Flanders

Expertisecentrum dementie Vlaanderen vzw - Expertise Center Dementia Flanders
Lokkaardstraat 8
2018 Antwerpen

contact person: Jan Steyaert

telephone: +32 70 224 777

e-mail: jan.steyaert[@] 
The Expertise Center Dementia Flanders and the nine regional centers like to put dementia in society on the agenda to maintain and improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their environment. They do this by bringing together expertise and develop, in cooperation with other actors in the field. The expertise center dementia Flanders will bring into Innovate Dementia their expertise. They will focus on home care and dementia. Therefor they will develop a basic learning package for psycho-education and further on an e-learning package. These package will be evaluated. As expertise Centre they will bring in the project there knowledge about architecture and technology for a dementia friendly home environment. 

Nursing Home Sint-Augustinus

Woon Zorg Centrum Huize Sint-Augustinus Diest - Nursing Home Sint-Augustinus 

3290 Diest
contact person: Rita Vanderheyden
telephone:+32 13 35 50 00

e-mail:  rita.vanderheyden[@] 
The nursing home Huize Sint Augustinus Diest (SAD), managed by the association Sint Annendael Grauwzusters, wants to offer in a family and open character for each resident customized professional care. Striving for optimal quality of life for residents in its totality is emphasized in this concern.Respect,with attention to the life, privacy and autonomy,are central concepts in the pursuit of professional customized care.The well-being of the occupant is our starting point. We'll bring into Innovate Dementia our expertise about quality of care, interaction between formal and informal care and the interaction between institutional and home care. The first thing in the project is about quality of life. To get to improve the welfare and quality of life in persons with dementia, we must first know what is the quality of life? How can we measure quality of life? How can we achieve a dementia-specific measurement? After the definition and the measurement we realize two major projects.